Sign the petition to cancel Corinthian students’ loans!

16,000 students were recently displaced from college — and it wasn’t because of a catastrophic event.

Corinthian Colleges closed 28 campuses April 27, months after being added to the U.S. Department of Education’s “heightened cash monitoring” watch list, because it couldn’t get its financial act together. Now, the department is considering whether to cancel Corinthian students’ loans.

We think the Department of Education should cancel Corinthian students' loans. If you do too, add your name to this petition.

Corinthian lied to students. The school used predatory practices — like the promise of a high-paying job even though officials knew they couldn’t guarantee it — to lure students toward expensive degrees. Now the college has turned its back on those students. Left with thousands of dollars in loan debt, these students need our help.

Make your voice heard! Sign the National Consumer Law Center’s petition calling on the Department of Education to cancel all loans for students who have been affected by Corinthian’s predatory practices.

Tell the U.S. Department of Education to cancel Corinthian students’ loans.

Thank you for supporting Corinthian students who have been wronged!


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