Michelle Obama Continues Push for Increased College Access

In November, we reported on First Lady Michelle Obama’s announcement that she will take on a policy-driven initiative to increase college going rates. While speaking at a White House college summit, Mrs. Obama said that she will spend the rest of President Obama’s term in office taking on a bigger role to achieve this mission. She plans to talk directly to young people, particularly low-income students and their families, about the importance of pursuing a college degree.

According to an ABC News article:

"The first lady said her new role in advocating for kids to pursue higher education will support the president’s goal to make the United States the country with the world’s highest proportion of college graduates by 2020."

“I want these young people to understand that their struggles can actually be a source of strength and even a source of pride,” said Michelle Obama, “because they’ve overcome obstacles and learn skills that many of us will never have.”

Unfortunately, there was not much said on the specifics to lower the cost of college tuition and fees. While it’s important to help student obtain access to college, it’s equally as important to ensure that they can afford it, which is a point we’ll continue trying to hit home.