Simple Tips for Keeping the Cost of College Low

At last, good advice to help pay for college and reduce those ever accumulating costs!

Christina Couch, a freelance writer and author of "Virginia Colleges 101", gives some useful tips for current college students, prospective students, and recent graduates. Couch offers information that includes everything from keeping an eye on federal policy, to keeping grades up while in school, and taking advantage of income-based loan repayment plans.

Read the full list of 10 tips at, but here they are, sans explanation:

1) Look out for tuition deals 
2) Prepare for changes in federal aid
3) Keep the grades up
4) Take income-driven assistance
5) Read the 529 plan fine print (state based college savings plan that offers tax advantages for families and in some cases prepaid tuition benefits.)
6) Think outside of traditional lenders
7) Choose your college carefully
8) Think ahead
9) Research post-college educationnbsp
10) Investigate cheaper alternatives