An Open Letter to College Dropout Factories

Dear College Dropout Factories,

As part of our quest to increase the public demand for greater accountability in higher education, The Education Trust has continued our commitment to identifying four-year colleges and universities that fail to graduate the vast majority of their students in a timely fashion. Roughly 95 percent of all other four-year institutions have higher graduation rates than you do. This year, 113 institutions made the list of college dropout factories, 65 of which were on this same list last year.

You appear on this list if your institution:

  • was eligible to receive student federal financial aid (Title IV funds),
  • enrolled at least 30 freshmen that began their studies as full-time students in the fall of 2007, and
  • had a 2013 six-year graduation rate below 18 percent for those students that initially enrolled full-time in 2007.

Because your institution’s graduation rate falls in the bottom 5 percent, we have tagged your institution as a “college dropout factory” in College Results Online, our interactive web tool designed to provide policymakers, counselors, parents, students, and others with information about college outcomes. We hope that by providing this label, we will convince students — particularly those looking to attend full-time — to think long and hard before spending their money and time at your institutions.

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