Pell Grants Provide Access; Institutions Must Support Completion

The Hechinger Report just published an article on the graduation rates of Pell Grant recipients at 82 of the largest public and private institutions in the nation. Considering nearly 9 million low-income students receive Pell Grants annually, it’s a topic that we care deeply about. In fact, we’ve spent the last year collecting and analyzing the graduation rates of these very students. And, in a few weeks, we’ll share what we found.

Our study includes the Pell Grant graduation rates of nearly 1,175 public and private, nonprofit institutions across the nation. As the folks at Hechinger reveal, collecting this info is not easy. It took us over a year and a number of creative data collection strategies — surveys, repeat phone calls, emails, etc. So no one else has to go through the trouble, we will make the data available on our website — easily accessible to students, parents, policymakers, institutional leaders, and other researchers. Like many others, we are tired of waiting and asking the federal government to fill this data void.


This post was originally published on The Education Trust's blog, The Equity Line. Read more here.