We All Deserve to Know Grad Rates for Pell Students

Like many students, my college decision was based largely on the price I would have to pay — tuition, financial aid, and in-state vs. out-of-state costs all had an influence. However, there was one other factor I should have paid close attention to — one that would have solidified for me and my mother whether my investment was a sound decision — and that is graduation rates for Pell Grant recipients.

Sure, graduation rates for all students are important, but let’s face it: Far too many colleges and universities have a tough time graduating Pell Grant recipients like myself, so it’s important to know how these students fare. If a college or university graduates the same percentage of Pell Grant recipients as it does other students, prospective students and their families can be assured that the supports necessary for success are likely available to students who need them.

Pell Grant graduation rates weren’t available when I was considering college, but they are now.

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