President Obama’s Speech at Knox College: Making Higher Education Affordable for Americans

Last week, President Obama expressed his concern for American students facing the high price of a college education. In a speech at Knox College in Illinois, the President promised “an aggressive strategy to shake up the system, tackle rising costs and improve value for middle-class students and their families.”

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Rep. Virginia Foxx: Education was cheaper for me, so let me make it more expensive for you

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College tuition and fees have increased over 500% since the early 1980s – faster than family income, health care and inflation -- and Rep. Virginia Foxx’s actions are making it more expensive for students to take out loans to attend the same state schools she attended.

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Government Stands to Make Billions Off the Backs of Students With New Student Loan Deal

Last Wednesday, the Senate passed a “compromise” bill on student loans, 81 to 18, to tie the federal student loan interest rates to the market rates. The compromise would lower interest rates for subsidized Stafford loan borrowers now, but allow them to rise way too high in the long run—making it even harder for students to repay their loans.