Samir Rachid

Representative Tom Cotton (R-AR) opposes federal student loans and bites hand that fed him

Last week, Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) became the latest member of Congress to belittle the importance of student loans. He protested Congress’s recent proposal to deal with student loans – not because he had the same issues with it that we did, but because he doesn’t think the government should be involved with making loans. His plan: Let’s take government loans out of the equation and allow hometown banks work with students.

Rep. Virginia Foxx: Education was cheaper for me, so let me make it more expensive for you

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College tuition and fees have increased over 500% since the early 1980s – faster than family income, health care and inflation -- and Rep. Virginia Foxx’s actions are making it more expensive for students to take out loans to attend the same state schools she attended.