Get Involved

Want to get more involved with the I AM NOT A LOAN campaign?

Of course you do. Let’s get rolling.


Now, some tips on what you can do today, tomorrow, and throughout the school year. Be sure to use these facts about student debt to strengthen your argument.

  • E-mail leaders at your university and urge them to join the campaign. This can be your college’s president or provost. Take a look around your college’s website to figure out the right people to contact and send them to this page. Use the following links if you are a:
  • Write to your local news station or paper and talk about the campaign. If you’re a student, contact your student newspaper. If you’re an alum, reach out to your alumni office. Specifically mention what you think your college should be doing to help relieve students from skyrocketing college costs and student loan debt. And remember:
    • Keep it short and sweet. The more concise your letter, the better.
    • Stick to the facts.
    • Tell your own story, explaining why you are in this fight. Personal stories aare more effective in making an impact.
    • Keep your eyes on the prize. Remember that the goal of these actions is to Increase access to, success in, and affordability of a college education for all students.